Hyperion Planning “Error connecting to database connection DRPLAN:Plan1: [0] MSG_ADM_ERR_LOADING_OBJECT…”

During a recent implementation of a highly distributed and highly available Hyperion Planning environment we came across the following error “Error connecting to database connection DRPLAN:Plan1: [0] MSG_ADM_ERR_LOADING_OBJECTcom.hyperion.ap.hsp.thin.HspException”


In version, an intermittent error occurs when setting up a Financial Reporting (FR) data source connection to Hyperion Planning when you have multiple instances of Hyperion Planning running on the same server or multiple servers.


Bug in Hyperion Planning when it is vertically or horizontally scaled.


We were provided with a PSE. The number is 21650002.

Check to see if it is available on Oracle Support otherwise you will have to request it from them through an SR.

The change is in the HspAdm.jar file that resides under ADM and ADM-64 path, after applying issue was resolved.

Patch Link: Click Here