Successfully re-run the OBIEE instance configuration after a failure #EPM #OBIEE #Oracle

So you were installing OBIEE, and the configuration failed halfway through? Don’t panic we have you covered.

ISSUE: unable to re-run OBIEE configuration after failure

CAUSE: OBIEE failed instance must first be cleanly removed

Resolution: You’ll need to remove the instance the initial configuration created. You can quickly remove the instance by launching a command line, browsing to <MIDDLEWAREHOME>\Oracle_BI1\oui\bin and running “setup.exe –deinstall”. (Note: Your WebLogic Admin Server will need to be running, so start it up if you haven’t already)

Next you’ll want to select “Deinstall ASInstances…”


Then populate your server details and select the instance in question, as such…


Next select the Oracle instance(s) you would like to deinstall


Click De-install to remove the instance


Select “Deinstall” and let it run its course.

At this point, you should be able to run the configuration utility again (<MiddlewareHome>\Oracle_BI\bin\config.bat) to restart the configuration piece of your OBIEE installation.

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